FYP+ Supporting Scheme

The FYP+ Supporting Scheme is a charity program organized by Hong Kong X Foundation, to promote innovation & Entrepreneurship. 40 excellent FYP projects will be selected from all local universities, with an award of HK$20,000 each, and 3 projects can win an additional HKD $50,000 grants in the final pitch.

What's New this year?

FYP + two specific focus themes!

· General Category:FYP+ Supporting Scheme 2018-2019 now welcome all students in universities of Hong Kong to apply! All student projects in various fields are welcomed!

· Smart Building:The building and construction industry plays an important role in Hong Kong. However, Hong Kong is one of the most expensive city for its labours, and there is serious aging labour problem in this industry. The traditional way of building produces more than 50% of the solid waste, and is with low efficiency and long cycle time. How can we find innovative smart building solutions with new technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things?

· New retail:Consumers habits and behaviours are changing. How can innovation and technologies help retailers deliver an better shopping experience? Particularly, in the supply chain for fresh fruits and vegetables, what can we do with innovation and technologies to enhance the consumer experience, with improvement on food safety, quality and cost in Hong Kong? Can data science, vertical farming and other solutions help improving the supply chain for fresh fruits and vegetables?


1) The main applicant is an university student in Hong Kong.
2) All university students are eligible, including undergraduate, master, MPhil and PhD students.
3) Can apply as an individual or a team.

Assessment Criteria

1) Social impact(25%): Meaningful innovations, potential to change people's lives and the world.
2) Innovative and Specific(25%): Target to solve real social or industry problems by innovation and technology. Interdisciplinary cooperation is encouraged.
3)Feasibility (25%): Demonstrate a clear project plan to apply into problem solving, including a clear team role and responsibility allocation. Demonstrate rigorous execution in team;
4)Team work (25%): Demonstrate team passion, confidence, fearlessness and collaboration.


Q: Who will be in the assessment committee?
A: The assessment committee will be chaired by Prof Zexiang LI (Professor HKUST, and Co-founder of HKX). The three lead assessors are Prof Guanhua Chen (Professor HKU, and Co-founder of HKX) for FYP theme, Prof Jack Cheung ( Professor HKUST) for Smart Building theme, and Mr Xing Liu (Partner of Sequoia Capical China) for New Retail theme . The other assessors are from various sectors. Representatives from university Entrepreneurship Centers or technology transfer will be invited as observers.

Q: Can an interdisciplinary or cross-school team sign up?
A: Yes, we highly encourage interdisciplinary teams.

Q: Should the project be a graduate Final Year Project(FYP)?
A: The project is not limited to FYP. Projects specially organized and designed for FYP are also welcome.

Apply Now!!!

I.Fill in the Registration Form CLICK HERE

II.Send following attachments to fyp@hkxfoundation.org, with email subject: team leader name- project name
1)Application form
2)Pitching video of the project (1 - 2.5 min)
3)PPT introduction of the project (No more than 10 pages)
4)Resume (At least team leader’s resume)
5)Recommendation letter(If any)
(Download template HKXF-FYP-Application-Form