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Building All-Star Teams

Inspired By Entrepreneurs And VCs

Forefront Business Insights

Calling For

  • Open to all university students and alumni.

  • Background in Science, Engineering, Business and other Tech disciplines are preferred.

  • Passionate entrepreneurs and technologists.

Experiential Learning Enrichment

  • Advised by leading VCs such as Sequioa Capital China and HKX 

  • Comprehensive start-up and business training by industry and academia expertise.

  • Industry connection, GBA field study and support.

  • Received training courses and prototyping resources worth over $100,000.

  • Continued support by InnoX startup community.


  • Fast track to HKSTP and respective university ideation/incubation programs. 

  • Incubation spaces and resources from HK and GBA area.

  • Possible investment opportunities by leading VCs.

  • Chance for $500K Seed Investment.

Past Camps Highlight

Design of the Camp

​WINTER 2022

Period: 3 Jan 2022-21 Jan 2022
Venue: HKSTP /Universities' Campus
​Topic:Healthy Aging
Winnie Suk Wai LEUNG

Assistant Professor of Engineering Education

Senior Lecturer, Division of Integrative Systems and Design

Joseph CHAN.jpg.webp
Joseph CHAN

Associate Director, Centre for Asian Entrepreneurship and Business Values

Senior Lecturer

Luo Ruibang.jpg.webp
Luo Ruibang
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Week 0
Hardware Startup & Industry Insight
Week 1
​User Research & Problem Definition
Week 2
​Brainstorming and Seek OpportunitiesTeaming & Product Design
Week 3
Final Design, Rapid Prototyping & Exhibition