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We aim to concentrate on innovation education, nurture entrepreneurs from academia, and establish a fertile entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Hong Kong X Foundation

Established by HongShan, Hong Kong X Foundation is devoted to promoting entrepreneurial culture in HK, supporting HK's young entrepreneurs, and building a new ecosystem for HK's innovation and technology start-ups. The "X" stands for "future, infinite possibilities, and imagination". As the "entrepreneur behind the entrepreneur", HongShan hopes to help entrepreneurs achieve their business dreams and bright future.


Since its establishment, the Foundation has been actively conducting think-tank research and making suggestions, conducting in-depth research around Hong Kong's talent and development, and striving to promote the development of Hong Kong's innovation culture, support Hong Kong's young people's technological innovation and entrepreneurship, and build a new generation of innovation in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.


Hong Kong X Foundation will continue to support the development of creative talents and promote the formation of a creative ecology in Hong Kong through the "Public Interest + Mentorship + Think Tank + Incubation" model. At the same time, we will actively mobilize the research power of Hong Kong universities to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship among Hong Kong youth in multiple dimensions. The Foundation has directly supported over 240 early-stage technology projects in GBA through platforms such as the "X-Plan" and the "FYP+", attracting young people in Hong Kong to innovate, start their businesses, and seek employment creating an entrepreneurial community.

Mr. Neil Shen

Founder and Chairman of Hong Kong X Foundation

Founding & Managing Partner of HongShan China

build a unique innovation and entrepreneurship ecology for young entrepreneurs. 

Hong Kong InnoX Academy

Hong Kong X Foundation, a subsidiary of HongShan, initiated the establishment of the first innovative non-profit educational institution jointly established by the government, industry, and academia - Hong Kong InnoX Academy.

With the vision of “Empowering Young Talent to Become Innovators", it combines the comprehensive resources of Greater Bay Area to nurture innovative leaders and entrepreneurial talents who can put their learning into practice.

Development Path


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