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InnoX Mentors

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Prof. Zexiang Li

Dean of HK InnoX Academy

HKUST Professor 

Former Chairman of DJI

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Prof. GuanHua Chen 

Co-founder of HKX

Managing Director of Hong Kong Quantum AI Lab

HKU Professor

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Prof. Winnie Leung

Associate Dean, HK InnoX Academy HKUST, Associate Professor in Engineering Education

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Mr. Guo Yang

Former Lead of Product Research Centre, Philips

Program Director, InnoX Academy

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Mr. Joseph Chan

HKU, Associate Director of Centre for Asian Entrepreneurship and Business Values

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Prof. Brian Lee

Associate Professor, PolyU Design School

Leader of Asian Lifestyle Design Lab

BA (Product Design) Discipline Leader

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Scott Chin--1_edited.jpg

Mr. Scott Chin

Teaching Fellow PolyU

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